Social Media Management (SMM)


Grow your engagement and solidify your brand!

How is your brand or product currently represented online? Are you getting the engagement you want? At BA we build your social credibility by using proven, organic social strategies to grow your brand the right way. Engagement is not simply about getting people to follow you or like your posts, but more, to turn that follow or like into a sale. REAL followers who engage in your brand on a daily basis are not easy to come by, especially given how saturated the social platforms are becoming with advertisements and fake profiles. That’s where we come in: We have cultivated and developed, through tedious trial and error, the exact approach that not only builds a quality social brand for your business, but turns that audience into increased and proven sales.
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Our Strategy Includes

  • Follow/Unfollow Strategy
  • Targeted Engagement: Competitor, Location and hashtag engagement
  • Brand Awareness: Like, comment and engage with relevant posts to spike brand recognition, loyalty and awareness
  • Direct Messaging


Each month we provide detailed reporting that shows transparent results


Let us build your brand the right way