Your success is our business


  • Focused on you, your Brand, your products, and your Company. Call us ‘old-fashioned’, we enjoy providing value first. Our track record is just about as good as the US Olympic swim team when it comes to performance- our retention and continued business relationships with our clients IS OUR FOCUS, IT IS OUR MISSION, and most importantly it IS OUR RESPONSIBILY to see you SUCCEED.
  • Loyal to our clients- your success is THE only metric we base our success, effectiveness, and efficiency upon
  • Open, transparent, and results driven.
    • Sales Growth, building your audience, creating your ‘identity’- that’s what we do, anything less than a full-service approach simply doesn’t work. Many of our referrals come from our competitors- competitors who charge without avail, only to underwhelm clients. Those clients look for the ‘fixer’, Brand Accelerators is here to ‘Improve, grow, and build a longstanding presence in your industry on your behalf’.
  • A team of marketers, digital gurus, salesmen (like Glengarry types- 1st place for us is a new Cadillac, 2nd place is a set of knives, 3rd place and we have failed. We like Cadillacs;)
  • Dedicated to learning your goals; goals take many forms in business- our first step is to find what your goals are for your brand and products. From there, we offer a turn-key solution to implement our combined strategies. We wouldn’t waste your time if our strategies weren’t effective- our portfolio speaks volumes of this multi-faceted goal of our effectiveness.
  • Committed to proving our value. Our reputation is everything, most of our clients begin working with us after they have spent $10’s of thousands of dollars- money wasted as they have little to show for their investment.
  • Consider us your partner, our goal is to grow your endeavor- if your business thrives- so does ours.
  • The Branding Agency that WILL deliver results. From 8-figure Amazon sales (not all clients hit that in a year, but we had a little celebration once our first ones didJ), to service businesses in local areas that out-rank National chains. Think of something like a small satellite rental car agency, with an online presence that outperforms the likes of Enterprise, Budget Rental Car, etc. No small feat for this type of client, but they are happy and in turn we are fortunate- fortunate to know our strengths, fortunate to have clients who trust us to deliver.
  • Focused on retention- of course for OUR clients, but our focus is on YOUR clients. Funny thing is, when we focus on YOU and YOUR endeavor, Brand Accelerators earns a position as your partner- we care about your business the same as the proprietor behind the operation. Nothing makes us happier than delivering results above and beyond our client’s expectations.


  • A ‘quick fix’ (C’mon, is there such a thing in business?)
  • Focused on ‘Selling’ you- our results speak for ourselves. Paul and Anthony have recent successful case studies to review based on our current clients. Has your company every had a quarter-on-quarter growth of 15,687%? Our clients have and we want to share this feeling of accomplishment with as many dedicated entrepreneurs as possible
  • Solely interested in growing our business, we focus on YOURS
  • Interested in working with ‘me-too’ products. Our clients are the pioneers, the creators, the entrepreneurs researching and dedicating their performance and passion to improving an industry- whether it is an improvement to something existing, or a revolutionary product or idea that we want to support as if we are a partner to your endeavor.
  • A faceless company. Our founders, Paul Clotar and Anthony Thomas have well over a decade of experience working with products, improving residual business for our service-based clientele, and most importantly forming longstanding relationships with the clients whom are a good fit for our Agency.
    • Paul is an internet marketing guru, his humble beginnings started in San Francisco knocking on doors and signing clients for a $100 (fixed rate, nothing glamourous, nothing other than hitting the pavement and using his immense experience to ‘solve’ problems for clients looking to develop their online presence. With the profound accomplishment of selling a product that many had not heard of at the time. He has current clients who were literally the pioneers of adopting Google’s complex location based business listings! This lead to a promising career in SEO, Website Development, and Content Generation. Don’t mistake humble for inferior. Both founders have diligently improved our effectiveness over the years through the best way possible- learning from our experience. It’s business, we are far from perfect, we are not promoting ourselves as anything other than the most full-service and comprehensive solution to build a brand and improve sales/revenue.
    • Anthony has a background in Sales- managing catalogs and sales predominantly in the action sports and tech industries. International Distribution, B2B sales funnels, Tradeshows, print collateral for product lines, and most importantly intricately creating a long-term product offering for the most prestigious brands in sporting goods and Tech products.
    • The growing eCommerce presence in every business today created a significant opportunity for each of us to join forces, build our team, and execute the absolute very best return for our clients. We partnered for one reason and one reason only- Synergy.

The majority of our early prospects and clients needed much more than a ‘standard’ approach to marketing. The days of printing an ad, buying magazine real estate, spending $1,000s of dollars on ‘impressions’, ‘clicks’, and ‘traditional’ advertising- this model is BROKEN. We are not here to MEND this inferior approach to sales and marketing. Ultimately we recreate a longstanding brand which will have a significant presence in their industry- FOREVER.


  • Offering the most sophisticated, hands-on, and highly customized solution for your company’s Branding, Sales, and Marketing (both traditional and new, upcoming technology to bring sophisticated data and analytics to our mutual performance
  • We reshape Branding for service and product based business.
    • Results Driven
    • Metrics based off ROI
    • Clear and Transparent: sales data, customer metrics, consumer demographic profiling, targeted outreach to get your products in front of your audience
  • Learning, expanding our capabilities both with Human assets as well as a profound focus on staying relevant in a dynamic and always changing online marketplace.

The business we are in, is the business you are in. We fix problems, we strategize effective approaches to creative and unique ways to bring your products and services to THE MOST RELEVANT audience .

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work